We are unique in the New Zealand fishing industry

Our main focus is on long-lining

Small boats, low impact, outstanding quality

Each fish comes aboard live, one at a time

Our people have created a 60+ year legacy of supplying the world market with perfect wild fish, day after day. They handle, grade and pack each fish with care, respect, and a lot of heart. Through changing times and markets, fair and foul weather; all hands on deck.
Fresh, Wild & Natural: Seafood presented in its purest form - no filter needed, just sharp knives and dedicated chefs.
36°17'S / 174°48'E
Leigh, NZ

Our homebase is the small fishing village of Leigh, on New Zealand's northeastern coast.

Picturesque, unspoilt, and gateway to some of the finest seafood on Earth. From these fair shores our catch heads worldwide, fresh, and destined for greatness.