Every box leaving Lee Fish carries the fisherman's name and the name of their vessel. Not only does this allow the fishing boats to be recognised in the marketplace, it also means that there is complete transparency in our operation. Every single one of our fish which enters the market can be traced back to who harvested it.

Each box also notes the catch area where the fish was caught plus catch-method. So complete provenance is presented to each buyer alongside details like species, size and grade.

The European market is the only market legally requiring this detailed information but we have always provided it for each market destination as a means of educating our customers and providing absolute traceability.

Fish packaged and destined for Europe also carries the fTRACE (Fish Trace) QR code, meaning customers can simply scan the box with their smart phone and discover not only the catch area, fisherman, vessel, port, packhouse, date of production and expiry but also things like recipe suggestions and preparation techniques!

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